inspectiTRAC Pricing

inspectiTRAC is unique as a software suite because of the methods of delivery of the individual pieces of software. But, like the software itself, the pricing is kept as simple as possible.

One license grants you:

  • inspectiTRAC Administrator - unlimited number of installs on PC’s, Tablets and Windows Servers with unlimited number and types of inspections, audits and observation forms and maps.
  • • Data Collector software - installation with unlimited number of users and data collection while completing inspections, audits and observations.
  • InspectiTRAC Manager - unlimited number of users (inspectors, corrective action users, administrators, managers) with access to dashboard, management reports and corrective action input and resolution management.

Contact a representative to determine your needs and pricing.

Site license and Enterprise license options available with savings of 30% to 50%!

Additional Services

The following additional services are optional, but available at any time for current inspectiTRAC license holders.

Service Description
Setup for Inspections Setup of new inspection with up to 30 questions
Setup for Maps Placing inspection icons on maps
Introduction and Consultation Introduction and consultation to setup and training will be scheduled as a three-hour web conference
Training Training will be completed via web instructor-led using web conferencing or on-site at the facility.
Support Hours Support Hours can be used to have Russell Associates assist plant personnel in creating inspections, locating inspection icons, converting map graphics, general consulting or training.