What is Administrator?

inspectiTRAC Administrator is an application used to create and modify inspections, audits and observations, import facility maps and place inspection locations on those maps. Administrator provides users with the tools to internally modify the flexible system to fit any data collection need.

inspectiTRAC is a good working system and with us being able to go in and make some changes to that first set of questions that we had loaded on to the tablets we are able to keep our system fresh and keep moving forward using feedback that came straight off the floor,” said Tom Jeys, EHS Director-Waterloo, IA.

Using Administrator, your company can create your own inspections, audits and observations from your own questions. Once the questions are created, maps of your facility are imported and the inspections, audits, and observations are placed on those maps... right where those questions are to be answered.

inspectiTRAC Data Collector utilizes the inspection/audit/observation templates created in Administrator to ask the right questions during an inspection, audit or observation.