What is Manager?

inspectiTRAC Manager is a management system for reporting, alerting and scheduling data collected from Data Collector. The application features a customized dashboard that allows for real-time access of data collected from both the Windows-based and browser-based solutions.

"inspectiTRAC Manager has a lot of flexibility to allow the administrator at the facility to set schedules, set up automatic email notifications for audits or audit concerns. Manager also gives us the ability to add users and security at the plant. In the current economy we are all tasked to do more with less while still assuring that everything is done and accurate," said Shawn Lauer-Ames, Director of Quality- Lakeville, MN.

Data collection alerts and notifications from inspectiTRAC Manager provide decision makers with the information they need to address incidents quickly and effectively, ensuring continued productivity. Email reminders, corrective action requests and resolution notifications can all be set-up to send to those needing to take action or respond to results.

With inspectiTRAC manager you are in charge of your data.

All data is stored and managed securely and confidentially giving you peace of mind that your collections remain intact and accessible. If you want to use your data outside the system, options exist to export or send the data to other systems or tools.

"With inspectiTRAC 2.0 and the ability to receive real-time data from multiple tablets on our server, I will be able to send out information to anyone that I want to. If I see something that was recorded yesterday that needs to be acted upon, I can get it to the appropriate person right away," said Tom Jeys, EHS Director-Waterloo, IA.

Standard reports available on inspectiTRAC manager include:

  • Original Inspection Report
  • Original Failure Report
  • Current Failure Report
  • Resolution Report
  • Comprehensive Inspection Report

Custom reports available upon request.

To learn more about how inspectiTRAC Manager works, click here to view some informational training videos.