What is inspectiTRAC?

inspectiTRAC is a software suite designed to efficiently and effectively complete inspections, audits, and observations through the use of desktop, mobile, and cloud-based applications.

inspectiTRAC Data Collector is the data collection application usually run on a Windows tablet; but, it can be used to collect data from a PC or laptop computer, as well.

inspectiTRAC Data Collector utilizes the inspection/audit/observation templates created in Administrator to ask the right questions during an inspection, audit or observation. The questions are answered within the software and are uploaded to inspectiTRAC Manager or your own database for storage and reporting. The data is collected in electronic format and stays there. There is no need to transcribe hard-to-read handwriting from crumpled paper.

Try it for yourself with the inspectiTRAC Interactive Demonstration -- This interactive demonstration allows you to complete a simulated inspection using inspectiTRAC Data Collector. This is an excellent way for you to learn how data is collected using the Data Collector and translate that into how you can use it in your facility.

inspectiTRAC is much more than Data Collector, however. Check out the pages for Administrator and Manager, as well.

There are many additional benefits of the inspectiTRAC suite. Click HERE to find out more.